If you’re a Jamaican vehicle owner without a GPS tracker installed on your car, you need to change that immediately.

Having a GPS vehicle tracking installed on your car isn’t a “nice to have” any more.

It’s a requirement that can save you lots of financial and emotional pain in the future. 

If you’re a business, don’t wait until you have 2 or 7 vehicles before getting a vehicle monitoring system. Get it done as soon as you can.

With GPS tracking you’ll have an eagle’s eye view of what’s happening with your vehicle AND your insurance company will love you for it.

Why Jamaican Insurance Companies Love GPS Tracking

Vehicle insurance providers love when customers are proactive with their vehicle safety. 

Some local insurers even provide up to 15% or more discount to customers who implement a car tracking solution.

Let’s break down some of the reasons why insurers encourage you to get a car monitoring system.

Reason 1: It lowers the chance of claims due to vehicle thefts

Let’s say your car got stolen and you have no GPS tracker installed, which is a very BAD position to be in, it’s going to take the police weeks if not months to locate your vehicle. Stolen cars are extremely hard to find without a monitoring system.

Plus, the police don’t have unlimited resources to cover every aspect of the island for a search. In most cases like these, the car is never recovered and the insurance company will have to pay out a large claim.

That’s why many Jamaican insurance companies offer anti-theft device discounts to encourage you to get a vehicle tracking system.

It’s a WIN-WIN for both you and the insurance company. 

With a GPS installed in your vehicle, you’ll be able to locate your car in a matter of seconds and the recovery team will be able to narrow their search to a particular area and recover the vehicle faster.

Reason 2: It improves driver behaviors

Study shows that drivers who know they’re being monitored by a GPS tracking system are safer drivers.

This works extremely well, especially if you’re a company with several vehicles being driven by various employees in your company. 

You can set overspeed alerts, harsh breaking alerts and many more to gauge and improve their driving behaviours.

Reason 3: It discourages misuse of vehicles

A GPS tracker discourages employees from using company vehicles for personal use. 

Insurers know that the more a vehicle is driven, the higher the probability of an accident. 

For example, if you know that the company vehicle should be used within certain hours you can set up ignition alerts to know when the vehicle was switched on or have left a specific geofence.

This helps to lower insurance costs and even fuel costs.

Reason 4: It encourages proper vehicle maintenance

A simple tire blowout or some mechanical issue can cause fatal accidents.

According to the Road Safety Unit (RSU), over 400 road fatalities has happened so far in 2021. (Source)

With a GPS tracking app, you can set maintenance reminders for each of your vehicles.

This way you can feel confident knowing your fleet is well maintained and performing, which significantly reduces the chances of an accident.


Getting a proven and reliable GPS tracking for your vehicle might seem overwhelming but here at Global GPS tracking Jamaica we make the entire process super simple. 

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Over 2000+ drivers fall victim to car theft each year in Jamaica.

Don't let your vehicle be next...

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