Get Peace-of-mind With The Most Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Jamaica

Over 2000+ drivers fall victim to car theft each year in Jamaica. Don't let your vehicle be next. With our real-time car tracking system, you'll never need to worry again.

GPS Vehicle Car Tracking System in Jamaica

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A New Age For Jamaican Vehicle Owners

For a long-time personal vehicle tracking system in Jamaica has been an expensive service. It was a luxury that could only be afforded by the upper class. Not anymore!

Our goal is to empower Jamaican vehicle owners with first-world GPS vehicle tracking technology that won't cost an arm and leg. 

You too will be able to:

  •  Sleep peacefully at night knowing that your vehicle is safe
  • Park your car and go about your business knowing that you have full control
  • Know exactly where you car went throughout the day if someone borrowed it

Why Choose This Jamaican Vehicle Tracking Company?

Very Affordable

We're way more affordable than KingAlarm, Hawkeye, Amber and Guardsman vehicle tracking.

No monthly billing

You won't even need a sim card. No need to add Digicel or Lime credit.

No complicated software to download

All you need is your phone. Doesn't matter if it's Android or IOS.

24 hour customer support

Our highly trained customer reps are always on-guard making sure that your vehicle is safe while you go about your daily life.

Free Island-Wide Vehicle Recovery

If your vehicle is taken, our team works closely with local law enforcement to bring it back home safe and sound.

A Reliable Car Tracking System In Jamaica That Works!

Know where your vehicle is at all times

Our vehicle tracking system helps you keep track of your car's every movement and all operational activities. Anywhere on the Island whether it's in Kingston, Mandeville or Montego bay. This system enables you to recover your asset quickly by taking rapid action.

Protect Your Assets from Theft

Our automated alert system can help keep vehicles and assets safe by sending geofence alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a location. This can help prevent unauthorized vehicle use.

Boost your fleet's revenue

With live vehicle tracking and real-time data, you can gain visibility into your fleet. Get real-time reports, analytics and alerts to help streamline your business operations for more revenue.