Gone are the days in Jamaica when you could’ve jumped out of your car with the engine running, get something in the store and come back finding it there.

Now, if you ever did that you would only come back to find tire skid marks.

Having a vehicle tracking system in Jamaica is a requirement if you want complete peace-of-mind.

Getting a car tracking system is becoming more and more popular as car thefts are getting more rampant across the island.

In case you’re not sure whether or not a vehicle GPS tracking system is right for your own personal use or your company, here are 9 reasons that can change your mind.

Even though some of these are geared towards businesses it still applies to personal use.

1. You can be aware of the location of each one of your vehicles in real-time

Many Jamaicans are taxi owners and want to keep tabs on where the driver is going to and from throughout the day.

Having access to information on where all your vehicles are will help you save time instead of driving around trying to find them.

The reality is that some taxi drivers are not trustworthy which makes it hard to trust them with your vehicle.

With a GPS tracking system, you’ll quickly know if your taxi driver is honest or not, regarding the vehicle whereabouts during the day.

For a business that have multiple vehicles its the same. It will also allow you to identify employee behavior such as speeding or idling in specific locations.

This can be useful if you have allowed breaks between deliveries so that drivers won’t lose time during those unscheduled stops.

Using a GPS tracking system to manage company vehicles also allows you to avoid unpleasant situations such as this one.

2. 95% of Jamaican insurance companies give discount for have a GPS tracker on the vehicle

Most Insurance companies in Jamaica give you a discount when you get a GPS tracker installed.

By knowing where all your vehicles are, you can avoid false or exaggerated claims by identifying the exact location of the vehicle at a specific time.

For example, if a driver claims he was not able to meet an appointment due to mechanical problems, you will be able to verify if the explanation is true since you have access to information about engine activity and real-time location of each vehicle.

You can save alot of money and headaches by investing in a solid fleet GPS tracking system in Jamaica.

3. By being aware of events in real-time you can also take corrective actions quickly

In case of an emergency you can send help for vehicle that’s having mechanical problems.

For example, during a busy hours one of your vehicle engine shuts off and stays at location too long, you’ll know that something is wrong.

That way you can all the driver to find out what’s happening with the vehicle.

This type of real-time data is invaluable for business and personal use.

4. You can manage fuel consumption and increase savings

By tracking fuel consumption, you can easily identify drivers who use more gas than others or those vehicles that consume lots of gas even when they don’t make many deliveries.

This information will help you fine-tune your driving habits and keep your costs under control.

In addition, by knowing where each vehicle is at any time you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary fueling stops and save money on maintenance since you won’t have spills or accidents related to using the wrong type of gas.

5. If the vehicle is stolen you can locate it anywhere in Jamaica

Although GPS tracking systems can’t protect your vehicles from theft, they can identify the current location of the vehicle and it’s engine status.

You will have 100% control over the vehicle, which is very empowering.

Eventually, it will be recovered because you know where it is.

For businesses, this will allow you to increase security in these areas were car theft is rampant and avoid thefts which means less lost time and money.

6. You’ll be able to determine what routes get used more often by drivers

For Jamaican businesses, GPS tracking systems make it easy to monitor the number of pickups and deliveries on each route.

This information can be valuable when creating new routes or even when choosing between using company vehicles or outsourcing some services.

Routes with lower mileage can also get selected more often, thus saving money on gas and wear and tear.

7. You can improve the process of assigning new transporting jobs

If managers are able to see routes and deliveries at a glance, it will be easier for them to determine which driver is better suited for each route depending on their experience, age or other factors.

This will help you optimize your transportation service by providing experienced staff with more complex jobs.

It’s also very useful when looking to hire new staff since these parameters will allow you to identify those drivers who know specific territories.

8. You can monitor how fast the vehicle is driven during the day

If you’re a taxi owner in Jamaica who have multiple vehicles on the road, you’ll love this feature.

Taxi drivers are the fastest drivers on Jamaican roads, that’s a fact!

We all know, the faster a vehicle is driven, the higher the probability of an accident.

By tracking speed and fast acceleration, managers can monitor the behaviour of individual drivers and make adjustments if required.

For example, if they notice that transporting activities are causing low mileage (measured through odometer readings), they can be able to encourage them to drive more carefully or reduce their transporting activities.

This helps avoid accidents and injuries which means savings on workers’ compensation insurance.

9. You can provide better client service

Regular reports about vehicle location and route details enable managers to offer convenient services such as delivery time windows, flexible hours and the possibility of making multiple deliveries at once.

For example, if a driver can pick up ingredients for several meals from different stops within a 10 minute radius, he’ll be able to make all those deliveries in a single trip thus saving time without losing customer satisfaction.

Such things don’t happen very often but having access to information about where vehicles are makes it possible.

If you want to get up and running with a powerful GPS tracking system that covers all of Jamaica’s geographic area, reach out to use here.

Over 2000+ drivers fall victim to car theft each year in Jamaica.

Don't let your vehicle be next...

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