I remembered the first time I bought my car. It was one of the best feelings ever. 

Growing up in rural Jamaica I always dreamt of owning my own vehicle. 

No more standing at the bus stop hoping for the next bus coming along to have space so you can reach to work or school on time.

No more being forced to listen to some god-awful music or someone talking loudly on their phone.

Owning your own car comes with a lot of perks that you should enjoy.

But as with anything in life, there are always some disadvantages.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that owning a vehicle makes you a target for car theft.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Kingston, Montego Bay, Mandeville or Portland. 

Car thieves don’t discriminate.

If you have a vehicle they want, they will make it their mission to steal it from you. 

That’s why every Jamaican car owner must have a Vehicle GPS tracker installed

Imagine, you parked at the Plaza and went about your daily business.

You come back only to find out that your car is gone. No traces whatsoever. 

Just imagine spending years paying off your car loan or saving enough money to buy your car, then all of a sudden, one day it’s missing.

You can just imagine the gut wrenching feeling. I am sure that you never want to experience that. 

That’s why in this quick guide, we’re going to talk about 4 reasons why you should get a GPS system for your car as soon as possible.

Let’s start with the obvious one.

1. If someone steals your car you’ll be able to track your vehicle anywhere in Jamaica in real-time

Look, GPS tracking technology isn’t just something you see in Spy movies.

This stuff is real. 

As long as you have access to the internet you can track your car in real-time just like in the James Bond movies.

A GPS tracker is a small device that when plugged into your car, it can pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location.

So if someone decides to steal your car, you can find its exact location instantly.

As a car owner that peace-of-mind is priceless.

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2. Shutdown the vehicle if its stolen

So the thief made off with your car?

No worries, simply send a command to shut down the engine. 

Even better, make the thieves think they “got away” with the car, because at some point they have to stop and rest right?

That’s when the recovery team sneaks up on them and recovers your vehicle safe and sound.

The outcome won’t be pretty for anyone who steals your car and tries to get away with it.

3. Loan your car to someone? You can track their every move

There’s nothing more worrying than lending someone your car and hoping that they’ll take care of it.

With a GPS tracking system you can set up an alert called Geofence.

For example, if someone borrowed your vehicle and said they wouldn’t leave the Kingston area, but they did, you would get an alert sent to your phone via push notification and email.

That way you can keep tabs on where your vehicle is being taken.

4. Insurance companies incentivize you if you have a tracker installed

Did you know that in Jamaica, if you have GPS tracking on your vehicle they give you a discount on the insurance bill?

The discount number varies for different companies. I’ll do a post in the future about the Jamaican insurance companies that give their customer special discounts for tracker installed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Tracking

How much does it cost for vehicle tracking system in Jamaica?

For years GPS tracking has been an expensive service in Jamaica. Most local tracking companies are too expensive for most Jamaican vehicle owners.

For example, most popular vehicle tracking for well-established companies charge a minimum of JMD $54K-$70K yearly, and if you want vehicle recovery you will have to pay more.

Up until we entered the market to make it affordable and accessible for everyone.

For example, we have packages starting JMD $25,040 for the first year including vehicle recovery.

Then, the following year renewal fee is only JMD $15,700, still including vehicle recovery.

That way every Jamaican car owner can have peace-of-mind as well.

Where in Jamaica is your office located?

Our office is located at 6th East Street, Montego Bay on the Rattray and Rattray Law Office building.

How long does it take to install a GPS tracker?

It normally takes 1-2 hours for our technicians to complete your installation and get you up and running. 

Do you service only Montego Bay and Kingston?

Our service spans all 14 parishes Islandwide.

I’m ready to get a GPS tracker for my vehicle, how do I contact your team?

You can call us at 876-789-4442 or submit a callback request here.

Over 2000+ drivers fall victim to car theft each year in Jamaica.

Don't let your vehicle be next...

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