Jamaican Car Owners: Get A Powerful Car Alarm System That Stops Even The Most Determined Thief

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car alarm system installion in jamaica

Car Alarm Features You Need To Protect Your Vehicle

Loud Siren

Nothing scares off a thief than a very loud sound. An extremely high-pitched, piercing, loud siren always works.

Shock Sensor

This detects any impact on the body of the vehicle, example, if someone hits the door panel. This acts as a warning that your car is protected.

Car Immobiliser

This stops the car's engine from running unless the key is present. A very important feature to have as it prevents the vehicle from being "hot wired".

Keyless Entry System

A very convenient feature that allows you to unlock and lock the doors to your car without using a key.

Reliability and Durability

Not all car alarm systems are made equal, most on the market are faulty and not loud enough. You need a car security that works 100% of the time.

Why Every Jamaican Car Owner Needs a Alarm System

You can never tell who is watching and planning to steal your vehicle, so you have to be prepared.

Car security is just as important as the security of your home, both of which are valuable assets.

Many vehicle owners from all over the island of Jamaica have been falling victim to car theft, sadly in most cases the owners weren’t prepared.

That's why it’s very important that you have at least a car alarm and GPS tracking system to fully protect your vehicle.

This way you’re fully in control over the state of your car.

A car alarm system sends a clear message to any thief that there is an extremely high chance of them being caught if they try to break in.

And even if they somehow break in, you’ll be able to track your vehicle anywhere on the island in real-time so that it can be recovered safely.

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Thanks for your service, I appreciate you guys. Service was great and up to standards I would recommend others to use this tracking company, thanks alot!

Just a day with them so far and already liking the service they provide and how responsive they are. Great Customer service! Looking forward to continue working with them in keeping my vehicle secure. 

Awesome customer service. I was very pleased. My car alarm and tracker is working well and I have no complaints. Fully endorse this to anyone who enjoys peace of mind.

I have been owning and driving cars for over 33 years now and this is the first time I can trust fully in the security and safety of my vehicle. With Global Security anywhere, anytime the security of your vehicle is guaranteed

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